Let's hear it from the kids!

Willie loves having kids on tour with him. Here's some feedback (and stories) from some of those families - and the kids themselves.

"It was a very moving experience for all of us, in particular my sons, Dain (12) and Noah (7). They were captivated by the beauty of your land and have wanted to share their story many times since returning home. My daughter Maya (6) work the next day and her first words were, "I love Willie. Can we go see him again?" 
Karen Thesinger, Jun 2009, by email

"willie rocks he is funny cool and smart i love him"  
Enrique Featherstone, 8 yrs. Feb 2009, Qeensland Must-Do website

"What our children learnt from Willie Gordon was worth more than we could ever teach them. His tour was the best educational experience we have ever had as a family. We'd go back tomorrow if we could!" 
Jill Shaw, Jan 2009, Queensland Must-Do website
"We went on this trip as recommended by a friend, but were anxious as we have a hyperactive child, and a couple of teenagers, the oldest of whom is at that "lukewarm to do family outings" age. Fantastically they all really loved it, from the very beginning, with each one getting something different from the experience, but all still talking about it 6 months later, and using it as a reference. Our busy youngest, who can get bored, was engrossed, and truly felt Willie talked to him. Thank-you so much, it is our favourite trip we have ever done in Australia" 
Hewdon, Apr 2010, TripAdvisor

"Dear Willie, My name is Finn and I went on your tour last year. I thought it was great!!! I'm doing a school project on a 'notable Indigenous Australian' and I thought that's what you are. So I want to ask you some questions. Do you have an email address? This is my Mum's facebook account. I'd love to hear back from you. Thanks, Finn"
May 2010, Facebook

"They LOVED Willie. The 22-year old with them said that the best thing about the WHOLE trip to Australia, was Willie."
US travel agent, Jul 2011, by email

"What we, as high school students, learnt from Willie was absolutely invaluable. His way of teaching us about his world is unique and unforgettable. We will remember his tour and its positive message for the rest of our lives." 
Anna Shaw, Jan 2009, Queensland Must-Do website

"Our little grandson will never forget the cave tour and often talks about the Children's Python he saw and Uncle Willie. We have promised to bring him up again..." 
Bev Hall, Jan 2009, Queensland Must-Do website

...my two children did Willie's tour (with Grandma Sue). Every cave with paintings in it, girl child asked, "Mr Willie, did people sleep in here?" Eventually, Mr Willie....said "Girl child, do people sleep in your library?" lol...we have been telling that story for years now - LOVE it" 
Megan Bayliss, Jun 2011, Facebook

"I thought it was great!! I could go on the walk 100 times more!!! I didn't even get tired!! Willy rocks!!!! It was so interesting!!! Guurrbi tours rock!!" 
Enrique 8 yrs old, Nov 2008, Queensland Must-Do website.

"The tour is an inspiration...Our children continue to comment even after nearly six months has passed." 
William Shaw, Nov 2008, Queensland Must-Do website

"[Willie's] knowledge of the bush and Aboriginal history and culture enthralled the six adults on our tour and the small boy (4 years) was treated in a very special way"
Elizabeth Haverkamp, Jan 2009, Queensland Must-Do website.

"Hi Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you you for having me and dad at Cook Town it was very good fun and I liked it a lot. My favourite part was Willie Gordon's tour. It was cool how I saw a green snake and two spiders..." (aged 8)
October 2010, via his grandparents by email

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