Jiliburu - Law Enforcement & the Bogey Man

Laws were made by man to enforce the lores, and were necessary to ensure the survival of the clan. But laws are of little use unless they can be enforced.

This is the Jiliburu, one of three mythical characters used by us to enforce the law. The Jiliburu stops people even thinking about breaking the law. He's like the bogey man who scares children into being good and doing what their parents tell them. It stops them from going where they might be in danger, and helps to keep them safe.

Manu Galga-thirr, the second mythical character, warns of what will happen to people who do break the law. He's a terrifying and vengeful creature who torments the law-breaker 

Our third mythical character, Wabuga, exists to remind children of the many ways they can be tempted to break the law. Wabuga is a trickster, a red-eyed spirit or ghost which appears in many disguises. He climbs from tree to tree, calling temptingly and encouraging children to follow him away from the safety of their family. Wabuga reminds us that if you continue to break the law, it doesn't just affect your family, it will weaken the strength of the whole tribe. 

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