What Guurrbi means, & Ngamu the Guurrbi man

A lot of people ask us what Guurrbi means and why we have a little man for our logo.

Well, Guurrbi can be a time, a place, or a space - or all of these! It's a personal sanctuary or dwelling place made sacred by Yirmbal, the Rainbow Serpent. A place for reflection and for the quiet time spent before bora when important decisions had to be made. Because Guurrbi is sacred it must not be entered or accessed without permission or without due acknowledgement of Aboriginal lore and law.

We all need Guurrbi time - whether it's walking alone on the beach, or sitting under a favourite tree. For me my Guurrbi is at Wangaar-Wuri, where I take people to see the rock art. This place is special to me because it holds a lot of history and cultural values which are irreplaceable.

Our logo is a drawing of Ngamu, the Guurrbi man, shown here in a cave painting. (There is another representation of Ngamu here). The Guurrbi man is like an estate manager as he looks after the area, and the welfare of the people who enter that area. It's a position of great responsibility and authority and the title of Ngamu commands great respect. 

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Reader Wil said...

Very beautiful explanation about this area and the meaning of Guurbi.