Yirmbal - The Creation Story

This painting is in the Rainbow Serpent cave, and it tells us about Yirmbal, the Creation Story.

We all want to know how things are made. Most people look at it in one of two ways - practical and scientific, or spiritual. Is there a Creator? Is there a spirit that gives life? Or is creation just a practical thing that has evolved over millions of years.

Aboriginal people believed there was a Spirit Giver for all living things. Because life comes to us all from the Spirit Giver, Aboriginal people believe that we are all created equal. The differences between people only occur with religion, culture and environment, but spiritually we are all the same.

You visit the Rainbow Serpent Cave on our Rainbow Serpent and Great Emu Tours.

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Faye Pini said...

Hearing aboriginal stories and about the connection to land and country and how everything co-exist helps me to understand dreaming stories as part of the traditional beliefs of Aboriginal culture. It seems what is depicted in a story can explain cultural practices. It seems important to pass this down to new generations to help teach about social roles and connect them with the traditional world which is a sacred part of aboriginal culture. It is great to see Guurrbi continue this role.