Karanji - The strange-looking Cassowary

This is the strange-looking Cassowary, a shy, flightless bird which can be found in the rainforests south of Cooktown in Kuku Yalanji country. They call it karanji, and it's the world's third tallest living bird after the ostrich and the emu. Now an endangered species, the cassowary helps to distribute over 150 species of plants, so is vital to the health of our forests. The horn-like crest on its head is called a casque, and is thought to protect its skull when running head-down full tilt through vegetation.

Look out for them if you are travelling the coast road to Cooktown from Cairns or Port Douglas. But please don't feed them as this encourages them to come to the road where they are in danger of being run over. And they can be very aggressive, so it's best to stay in your vehicle.

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