Bush signs that summer is coming

Here’s some pictures of walanggar, the death adder, which were taken on tour last week. When we found him he was lying very still, trying to hide himself in the earth. As soon as we woke him he showed off his bright colours. At this time of year the snakes have mated and there are young snakes about, so we keep an eye out for snake tracks.

This is an exciting time at Guurrbi, with the flowers beginning to bloom and attracting many birds and insects. The beautiful red flower of nanggaarr-buurra, the kapok, is out now, showing us the seasons are changing and summer is on its way. This is the time diwaan, the brush turkey, lays its eggs in a leaf-mound scratched together to act as incubator. And recently we heard our first Torres Strait pigeon, the wabul, so we know the migrating birds from Papua New Guinea are now nesting on the outer islands and coming in to feed.

More pictures from Guurrbi...

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