150 Must-Dos in Queensland - Please vote for us!

We are thrilled that our Aboriginal tours have been nominated one of Queensland's top 150 Must-Dos - but we need your help to get Guurrbi & Cooktown to Number One!

Please vote for us!
Final ranking is decided by public vote, and the link will take you to our page where you can rate us, vote for us, and see where we are in the rankings. You have three votes a day so can vote for other nominees as well if you want to.

Make us your homepage!
We're really up against some Big Competition with HUGE voting power - from Australia Zoo to the Great Barrier Reef -so if you really love us (!), please make the Guurrbi page your homepage until the end of January, and quickly zap a vote through every time you open your browser. We might not be as big as Australia Zoo, but with your help we're going to try to get up there in the rankings! And please add a comment, as it would be great if one of our customers won the Subaru Forester X.

Voting ends 31st January 2009.

Click here for the final result!

October 2008

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