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Our customers left some wonderful comments about our tours on the RACQ "Queensland's 150 Must-Dos" website. Here are some examples.

"This is the best trip I have done in Australia. I learnt more about the true Australia and its early peoples and way of life on this three hour trip, than I have living in this lovely land for the past 44 years" Rosemary Thomson

"It is 18 months since visiting Cape York and of all the great experiences on that trip and many others into remote parts of Australia in the past 20 years I will always rate my walk with Willie as one of the greatest, informative and enjoyable few hours of my life. The way he imparts the history, knowledge and culture of his ancestors and current family is absolutely beyond compare. My daughter, Alex, then aged 9 also enjoyed her time with Willie immensely." Murray Ravenhall

"This is not just a tour or something to do and see but an experience that is fulfilling and thought provoking. This is not just Queensland's must do but Australia's. I cannot recommend it highly enough." Tom Troup

"If you are looking for a mass produced choreographed product tailored to appeal to the lowest common denominator, avoid this tour. With Willie you will have a personal, intimate, entertaining experience with a traditional story keeper in his traditional land that will make you reflect on your own life and spirit. You will feel priveleged to be there." Ann Dark

"Cannot rate it highly enough, I nominate Willie as a candidate for rating as a national treasure." William Shaw

"Willie Gordon is a natural teacher and national treasure. I can't think of a more genuine Australian experience than to walk through the bush that Willie's people have been custodians of for more than 40,000 years and have its secrets explained - with themes of sustainability, family and community all inter-twined into his message. He's great company and a wonderful ambassador for Australia. This is a must-do tour." Richard Hayward

"Absolutely inspirational. One of the best things I've ever done." Christina Katterfeld
"Sheila and I travelled by camper van from Perth, north and around to Brisbane - 10300 kilometers. 10 weeks having made a 6 week visit some years ago. We are in love with your wonderful country and people. When we met Willie we began to gain respect and some understanding for the culture, lore and pride of Australia's first people. His small tour and his questions, stories and dreams (past, present and future) was the most interesting and intriguing time of all - 2 hours." Roger Bradshaw

"What we, as high school students, learnt from Willie was absolutely invaluable. His way of teaching us about his world is unique and unforgettable. We will remember his tour and its positive message for the rest of our lives." Anna Shaw

"This is not simply a tour. Willy takes you back to the common roots of all mankind, where things that really matter in life lie: the meaning of birth, death, manhood, motherhood, friendship...." Maria De Nobili

"The excursion was not only what we expected, a discovery of Queensland nature through the eyes of its first people, but also a great, exciting and human experience. We keep Willie alive in our memories." Family Marique from Belgium
"I have travelled overseas to Europe and America and nothing actually reduced me to tears. I was in awe of the Acropolis in Greece and the Vatican in Rome but in Willie's tour when Willie took me to "the birthing cave" such emotion overcame me, I couldn't stop crying. I don't know why. I am a white Australian so to be so "moved" amazed me. To anyone reading this do not miss Willie's tour it is a "one in a million" experience. The real Australia. A tour that I hope many people have the privilege to share. Willie I wish you all the best you are a great ambassador for all Australians." Marion Raftery

"Willie doesn't take his clothes off and dance. He is a true 21st century aboriginal and without being in the least bit confrontational, he will change the way you look at life, the universe and everything. If you do ONE tour in Oz, do this one" Richard Lee

"Willy is one of the very few "genuine" and sincere people in the tour industry that I have encountered in my travels. He welcomes his guests and delights and involves them in his tour, his country and its stories. Our tour group left at the end of the day with long lasting memories and appreciation of the simple but wonderous places we visited and stories we heard. I had my own tour business from Brisbane from 1995 to 2006 (Rob's Rainforest Explorer) so I base my opinion of seeing many other operators and the tour guides they hired. A "150 Must Dos" list without the inclusion of Willie Gordon would be without credibility and lack the honesty and spirit that Willy gives to the people he meets." Rob Jimmieson

"What our children learnt from Willie Gordon was worth more than we could ever teach them. His tour was the best educational experience we have ever had as a family. We'd go back tomorrow if we could!" Jill Shaw

"I have never experienced such an amazing inspirational tour in all my life! Experiencing true culture first hand is something I will never forget. I was so moved by the stories told by Willy that I quietly shed a tear. What made the tour even more special was Willy's incredible natural ability to connect with everybody. Willy is a special man whose skills are second to none. DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR!!!!!!" Sally Featherstone

"We had 40 days to get to know Queensland. 40 days to absorb 40,000 years of Aboriginal culture; that adds up to 1,000 years per day; that's some itinerary; some history lesson! Our day with Willie gave us 40,000 living years in one day, and framed the rest of Queensland for us! That's some teaching; some teacher!" Ian Berry

"Guurrbi tours is Incredible!!! Willy takes you on a special spiritual journey that had me laughing and crying and in awe of the wonderful place he is custodian to. A must-do tour for everyone, especially Queenslanders." Barb Rose

"I have been in tourism and a friend of the indigenous people for 20 years and this is THE !! must do. Not one of them. Willie thank you for showing me, and others the beauty of your land and people." Robert Ryan

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