Happy Customers lead to Australia Day Award

We’re really thrilled to share the news with you that Willie has been awarded Cook Shire’s Australia Day Citizen Award, and thought you would enjoy the story about how it all came about.

On 11th January, the day the award nominations closed, I was battling away trying to finish the coding of 1,732 Cooktown Visitor Surveys. Mid-morning I reached survey no. 1,546 from a couple who had been on one of Willie’s Aboriginal tours during their August stay in Cooktown. They said that the tour had been the highlight of their visit, and added a request for Willie to be nominated for the Queen's Birthday Honours. I immediately thought of the 
Australia Day awards, and forwarded their request to Cook Shire Council, and so the 11th hour nomination scraped in, just in time.

Willie was, for once in his life, rendered speechless when his Award was announced. Wiping away a tear, he confessed that he didn’t think he’d have a chance of winning anything, let alone the Citizen Award, and he’d nearly gone fishing that morning instead!

The Award recognizes his determination in promoting the region and its Aboriginal culture; his involvement in many community groups and activities including Cooktown’s Chamber of Commerce; his work with at-risk youth, and his great contribution to increasing the understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and communities.

You’ll be pleased to learn we’ve been able to trace the couple who filled in the survey. They’re every bit as thrilled as we are— but say they still have their sights set on a Queen’s Birthday Honours for “Australia’s Willie Gordon.” Go Willie!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - what an achievement. Congrats!

While I haven't met Willie, I have met people who have and they all say great things about him.

It is on my bucket list to get up to Cooktown and meet Willie and Judy.

What an inspiration you are and a credit to your people, Willie.

Your mate in Brisbane.